Water - How and when to hydrate

Water - How and When is Best to Hydrate


With the heatwave in the UK set to continue for at least another month, here are 6 facts about to get the most health benefits from drinking water.


We all know that its important to drink lots of water. But did you know the quantity, quality, and time of day are important factors in how to make the most health benefits of drinking water.


1. After waking up - As soon as you get up, drink two glasses of water to activate your internal organs. It tells your body its time to get going. Add a slice of lemon to stimulate the liver (or squeeze the liver).

2. Drink more at the beginning of the day than the end of the day.

3. Drink more between meals. Do not drink too soon before or after a meal as the water will dilute the digestve enzymes. The stomach needs to have a low PH for digestion.

4. You need more when its hotter outside, when you're exercising and when you're ill.

5. Use filtered water as much as possible to remove excessive flouride and chlorine (we often smell and taste the chlorine in our tap water). pH 7-7.5.

6. Signs of dehydration:

Fatigued. Hungry. Cold. Grumpy. Veins on the back of the hands diminish.

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