Chiropractic in Pregnancy

Chiropractic in Pregnancy

I have had the pleasure of helping lots of mums-to-be enjoy a happy, comfortable pregnancy with gentle, effective and safe chiropractic treatment. Special pregnancy specific techniques are used, as well as some of the more regular Chiropractic adjustments. These techniques are the result of many hours of post-graduate training specific to pregnancy and paediatrics.

Chiropractors are trained in a wide variety of techniques to help you deal with the stresses of pregnancy, and to use safe, gentle techniques that are suitable for your condition. 

Treatment is aided by a special pregnancy treatment pillow, allowing the pregnant mum to lie face down comfortably whatever the stage of pregnancy (usually much to the mothers delight)!

For post-partum mums, chiropractors can assess and treat any structural changes that may have occurred before, during or after pregnancy and labour, and treat any aches and pains that often occur in the early days of feeding, carrying and sleep deprivation!

General lifestyle advice is given as to how to make the initial few months easier for both you and your baby, for example, advice on how to lifting and carry your baby; optimal feeding, playing and sleeping positions as well as nutritional advice for you and your baby

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Lyana is an amazing chiropractor who really things outside the box. She leaves no stone unturned, which is crucial when diagnosing sports injuries - during a ten year career as a professional athlete I seldom have come across a chiropractor who's treatments are as effective as Lyana's.