Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

As Chiropractic is a great tool for affecting many different systems, skeletal, muscular and neurological, Chiropractic can really help with many injuries sustained through sport. The whole body is looked at, from foot biomechanics to the jaw, as well as cranial assessments and extermities (feet/wrists/toes.....!!).

 At whatever level, Chiropractic can help, either solely, or when needed in combination with a network of physiotherapists, podiatry and sports massage. Adjustments of the spine and extremities, as well as dry needling and soft tissue techniques play their part in the recovery from a sports injury.

Many top class athletes and sports teams have a Chiropractor as part of their team and Chiropractic is a recognised provider as part of the Olympic medical team.

Locally, Lyana sees many tennis players, triathletes and iron men/women athletes.

"Lyana is an amazing chiropractor who really things outside the box. She leaves no stone unturned, which is crucial when diagnosing sports injuries - during a ten year career as a professional athlete I seldom have come across a chiropractor who's treatments are as effective as Lyana's."

- Annie Emmerson, Athlete, Commentator, Presenter and Performance Coach.

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I went to see Lyana for TMJ (jaw) problems. I found her treatments to be gentle and effective.  On one occasion, I woke up on the morning of an appointment with bad vertigo, everything spinning, within one session I was fine.  The severe jaw pain I was getting on a daily basis is now a very occasional thing, less severe and much easier to manage when it does happen.  I would not hesitate to recommend her treatments