Back Pain Treatment In Surrey

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Chiropractic and low back pain

Researched and effective …
Chiropractic care has been proven in studies to be effective for both acute and chronic low back pain. Chiropractors are experts in back pain treatment and sciatica treatment.
There are many causes of low back pain, ranging from those caused by a sudden event to those caused by long term postural and biomechanical stress. Either way, low back pain is caused by nerve irritation related to inflammation from joints and muscle dysfunction.
Getting you moving again..
Whatever the cause, our aim is to provide you with best care possible. We have special skills to assess and diagnose (and refer for X Rays or MRI scans if necessary).
We then create a plan that will get you moving again.
We identify what is needed to help you strengthen your back and prevent future relapses.
There are a range of techniques we use according to the cause, and your age/lifestyle. These include extremely gentle but effective techniques that can target discs, facet joints or the pelvic (sacroiliac joints).

Our Clinic Provides Expert and Tailored Back Pain Treatment In Walton-on-Thames - Surrey

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