What is Chiropractic?


The What, How, Why.....

What is Chiro

Given the right conditions, Your body has an innate potential to heal. Chiropractic techniques remove interference to the joint and nerve (often caused through bad posture, stress or injury). Once the interference is removed, your body knows what to do in order to heal.


The main technique that is associated with chiropractic are the spinal manipulations that we refer to as adjustments. However there are a range of chiropractic techniques used by chiropractors over the world. The adjustments can vary and are in fact often very gentle. Therefore, Chiropractic is suitable for everyone.
It’s an urban myth that Chiropractors ‘click bones’. The sound sometimes heard, is actually from gas being released within the joint when it is moved/distracted.
Chiropractors study for 5 years and in the UK, Chiropractic is government regulated (GCC).

Why us?

Every care plan is tailored to YOU as an individual, therefore each care plan different depending on your age, your health and fitness, and your goals. Each programme is reviewed regularly and is sometimes adapted depending on your response to care.
When you first start care, you will be given a digital Posture analysis and report. When appropriate, cranial snd visceral techniques are used as part of the adjustment. Exercises are given using our Physitrack system, where you will be able to see videos of your personalised exercises using an app on your phone. Specific nutrition and supplements may be discussed with regard to your goals.
The purpose is to well and stay well. Our recommendations focus on balancing four areas
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Reach out if you have any queries about how Chiropractic could help you