Extremity and Joint Pain

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Extremity and Joint pain

We use specialised tests and techniques to assess more distal joints in your body (orthopaedic tests and extremity techniques). We check the postural balance of the rest of your body to assess whether other issues such as foot and ankle position or imbalance of the pelvis and shoulders may be contributing to a problem elsewhere in the body.
Hips, Knees, Ankles, Toes
As well as checking these joints individually, we look at the whole kinematic chain. This includes assessing the lower back and pelvis as the nerves, muscles and joints of these areas can often cause pain referral lower down. Gait (walking style) and foot and ankle position can also greatly affect the function of joints higher up in the body.
Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists, Fingers
Again, we use a whole body approach to this area. Shoulder, elbow and wrist problems can often be connected to problems with the nerves, muscles and joints in the neck. We also assess any factors in your lifestyle that may be contracting to postural stress in the upper body, such as work ergonomics and sleeping position.
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